Cory White


I met Victor ( left of frame) in passing as I was photographing the local kids diving off the Narooma Bridge. I knew I wanted to photograph him and his family as I drove over the bridge and caught a glimpse of them hanging about the edge of the river. Not wanting to upset the scene I began meandering and photographing the local kids climbing the rocky embankment and dodging cars as they got to their diving point. I soon approached Victor and began chatting. I found him warm and gentle and he was open to being photographed. After a few snaps we talked for a while about the aboriginal significance of the area and the local mountain range. I asked him for a contact number to arrange a print but he said not to bother. Moments after his daughter rushed to my car window and told me she thought it important he recieve a photograph in the mail. I told Victor I'd write him a letter and send him a print. Im looking forward to learning more about his life in the area. Its not often you make a pen pal these days.

Narooma Bridge, NSW

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