Brady was born with Bilateral Talipes (commonly known as clubfoot) and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. He is a classified Para athlete and holds Australian records in the 200m, 400m, shot put, and discus. He was St Kilda Football Club’s first draft pick this year in the wheelchair AFL League. Blake’s path led him to high level Rep basketball and Brady to the State Development Team. Two very different kids with the same goal.

Says mother  Leigh McGregor- “Brady being in a wheelchair was never an issue and they would still go outside and shoot around and get super competitive. Brady started wheelchair basketball at 8 and even though the game between able bodied and wheelchair has some differences it is essentially the same game. Blake just doesn’t see Brady’s disability. He is still his brother, who annoys him, challenges him and loves him. The greatest relief for me as a parent is that once my husband and I are gone I know that Blake will be there for Brady”

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